Weather in Coastal Ecuador

Ecuador is located on the northwest coast of Latin America, and has grown in popularity as a vacation destination for a variety of different reasons. Ecuador sees tens of thousands of tourists every year, as well as travelers and expats who enjoy taking in the local scenery and absorbing the incredible weather. Ecuador has one […]

New Tour Dates Posted

New tour dates have been posted for Relocation Tours for Coast and Sierra areas for June, July and August!  We are adjusting the itinerary slightly so that you will experience the best of the best. Please note also that, when possible, the tour dates are planned so that you can enjoy a Panama Relocation Tour […]

All About Cuenca

All About Cuenca

People from Cuenca may be the most pious people in Ecuador. Why? They have 52 churches. You can basically go to a different one every single Sunday. These churches are the pride of Cuenca; it symbolizes culture. You see, Cuenca may be smaller in size compared to Guayaquil or Quito but it sure can stand […]

Best Places to Retire in Ecuador

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” Anita Desai This is particularly true when you decided to stay and retire in Ecuador. This tiny country in the middle of the Equator seems to grow on you. A tropical paradise, if you may. With diverse culture and more diversified opportunities, Ecuador is more to […]

2015 Tour Dates Coming Soon

2015 Tour Dates Coming Soon

We’re in the process of training several new tour guides who have lived in Ecuador for 8 years or more.  Once we are sure they are fully trained we will release our 2015 Ecuador Tour dates. Meanwhile…. If you’re also interested in checking out Panama, see  Our 2015 tour dates are filling up fast.  […]

Air Date Set for Upcoming House Hunters International Episode in Esmeraldas, Ecuador!

Some of you may remember back in January that we were really excited to announce Nathan’s participation on an episode of House Hunters International.  The relocation services provided were procuring rentals for a young couple with a brutal budget who worked with a non-profit organization helping Colombian refugees start new lives.  Well, the show finally […]